Vacation Home Care Services


Cabinkeepers offers full-service vacation home care in Park City. Trust your property to the best in town!

Schedule: 4 visits per month (weekly)

Pricing: $240 per month, with $65 per hour for maintenance work.

Weekly property visits include:

  1. Exterior Check is done on the home looking for any damage or problems.
  2. All exterior doors and windows are checked and securely locked.
  3. All toilets are flushed and water is run in all sinks, looking at water valves and plumbing for dripsĀ and leaks.
  4. Thermostat is set appropriately for the season.
  5. Inspect for pest intrusion.
  6. Inspect propane tanks and natural gas lines.
  7. Inspect and start vehicles left at the property.
  8. Manage trash removal, recycling services and any exterior newspapers and advertising materialsĀ are picked up.